Stop playing by the rules and
growth hack your business

You want more customers, more sales, and more profits, but what's stopping you?

You don't have enough:

  • time to waste on another marketing company or gimmick that fails to deliver
  • accurate information with which to educate yourself
  • energy to try out new things and experiment
  • will to teach yet another unexperienced employee

Enough of the Pity Party

If you had one shot, one opportunity… to seize all the marketing advice you ever wanted from proven money-makers, would you take it?

Of course you would! You're an entrepreneur.

Are you someone that wants to do something about it, or sit in the corner and whine about it?

You want to do something about it. It's the only option that makes sense.

Learn Directly From The Trendsetters

Skip the guesswork and find the clarity and focus on what your business truly needs. In this community, only tested, fact-supported theories that work today are ever shared, by the exact people who've succeeded with them.

This is Two Comma Skills

We are a community where the top marketers who work on real-world revenue generating campaigns every day. We're present and willing to help you find the shape and patterns your business truly needs — so you can fire that marketing agency that’s ripping you off.

If you always feel like people don't understand how to get results for your marketing online and know you want to innovate and grow your business…

Join Two Comma Skills

In under a week, you won’t just have “ideas” anymore — you’ll have a plan. A plan that answers to the toughest, most pressing business challenges you’re facing today.

Two Comma Skills

This is how we'll help you grow and prosper.

Private Slack Community

This is the soul of TCS, a community where Matt and Nick along with smart owners just like you, in-house marketers, and affiliates all thrive together. You can have your questions answered promptly, collaborate with others and learn together in a place where everybody understands you and you'll never feel like an outsider. They're here for you, anytime, anywhere.

A place for the best. A place where you belong.

Direct Answers and Bi-weekly Live Calls

Get access to expert marketers who'll answer your questions directly in Slack and bi-weekly live calls. You'll learn exactly what's working right now and not theoretical advice.

Join Matt and Nick live as we field your questions on online advertising, social media, email marketing, lead generation, SEO, video marketing, process-building, client acquisition and so much more.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." –B. Franklin

Hours and Hours of Exclusive Content & Strategies

Learn about unique tools that simplify and produce high-return results, as well as get exclusive content from guest experts you couldn’t hire at any price.

You won't and can't find this anywhere else.

These are just some of the things you'll get
expert insight on

  • Facebook™, Instagram™ and Google™ advertising
  • How to generate
    leads using paid advertising
  • SEO
    problem solving and best practices
  • Learning more about
    your target market
  • Running popular
    social media profiles
  • Successful email
    marketing campaigns
  • Tracking and
    reporting KPIs
  • Expanding, hiring &
    maintaining a dedicated team

Marketing ideas don’t amount to anything if they aren't backed up by data.
You'll get proven concepts and the right way to apply them — NOW.

Meet the Experts

Leaders of Two Comma Skills

Matt Harmon

Matt is a digital marketing expert. He’s done over $30million in upfront sales using online advertising and he’s been supplying digital marketing expertise to companies for over 12 years.

Matt has helped some of the biggest online names take their business to the next level. Along with being a traffic expert, he has consulted with each client to maximize the effectiveness of their current online sales funnels.

The ideas and expertise Matt brings to the arena have helped companies increase their online sales by 100%, 200% and even 300%.

It didn't matter if these bigwigs were having a hard time getting traction, or just couldn't put their foot on the gas to outpace their competitors. He got their offers smokin', and this is your chance to learn how.

Nick Dumitru

Nick founded his first company at age 19. Now, he consults on marketing strategy to multi-million-dollar businesses as the CEO of Think Basis Inc.

For years, he has been singularly focused on helping business owners quickly achieve exponential growth in a wide variety of industries. As a result, Nick has been featured as an expert in publications like Inc. Magazine, The Globe & Mail, IT World Canada, and CBC Radio Canada.

Nick is the swiss army knife of the internet marketing world. With a heavy slant on technical solutions, he brings innovative digital products on the market. When it comes to technical SEO, information architecture, and user experience – Nick’s the one guy you definitely want to have on your team. And now, you do.

Membership in Two Comma Skills is a great way for entrepreneurs to get the right skills in marketing their businesses.

"Matt and Nick have been instrumental in the growth and expansion of our business.

Problems are masterfully solved FAST and we've never run a campaign that's lost money.

These guys are not high profile "guru" types. They're a "roll up your sleeves and produce real results" type of team.

So appreciative of what they've been able to achieve for us in the tune of Two Commas."

Mike Kemski

Founder - Powerlife Systems

"Matt has been my go-to guy for years now. From Facebook to Native Ads, I’m consulted with him on what he thinks is the best strategies to use and latest ‘best practices’… all based on his own data and experience. He’s been one of my guest speakers at the BaxterMind™ and has given value freely to my members. While others claim they know traffic, very few have had a daily ad spend into the 5 figures (verified). Matt has my highest recommendation."

Keith Baxter

Digital Marketing Expert, Founder of the Baxtermind™ - Gibble LLC /

"Nick, you’re a true genius when it comes to business growth because you understand all areas – marketing, SEO, copywriting, technical, psychology, and more.

You are able to see the vision that few can, and you know how to build on it to make it even bigger and better. Whenever we talk, you leave me feeling 10x more confident because you show me the potential of even bigger opportunities. Thank you!"

Ronnie NIjmeh

Founder - The largest PRL content site online

“As a marketing machine, Nick is all about people development and building long lasting relationships AS WELL AS turning your business into a cash cow. Rarely do you find a company that produces sound marketing ideas consistently but also a company that genuinely cares about their clients. As a business owner, there are never enough hours in the day. Many times you find yourself focusing on the Z priorities instead of the A’s because of your consultants or employees constantly needing your input. They take the business owner right out of the equation. They do all the thinking for you and make it as simple as 1,2, 3. They come up with all the marketing ideas, implement them, roll them out and put money in your bank just by hiring them. Does it get any better than that? The only question that is left unanswered is how do I spend all my money? Working with Nick is like working with an Olympic-level coach when you’re a beginning athlete with incredible talent. He is exquisitely knowledgeable about both business AND behavior and uses that expertise to take your business to the next level in every area. This translates to a unique ability to combine marketing and business coaching in innovative ways that get excellent and stand-out-from-the-crowd results. Overall, it’s a VERY empowering experience!”

Eleanor Welsh

Founder, #1 Cosmetic Clinic In Canada - Skin Vitality Medical Clinic

"I just had a call with my client and they were super happy. Your feedback really helped a lot so thank you! You guys are so good you can sell me on my own product in 30 seconds. And you're no bs - you keep it simple. They way it should be."

Gabriella Rapone

Email Delivery Specialist - Email Maverick

"I speak all over the world about traffic and SEO. There are very few real badasses when it comes to paid traffic. Matt has blown me away with what he knows in Facebook and native Ads. And he keeps showing me new things every time we meet. You'd have to be crazy or stupid to not pay attention to him."

Jerry West

Founder -

Matt really understands the core principles that lead to winning campaigns. At Six Pack Shortcuts we've worked with a lot of the big ad gurus and Matt blows them away every time. He's helped us grow our business by scaling our offers and running them on multiple ad channels. He really gets it when it comes to paid traffic.

Henry Fuentes

Co-Founder - SixPack Shortcuts

"Matt Harmon - one of the most humble men you'll ever meet... was the first person to ever turn me on to Facebook ads... no stranger to $50,000 days, helping top vendors crush their offers on a daily basis for years... a true legend in my book. One of his students is currently the #1 super affiliate on the Clickbank leaderboard."

Gerry Cramer

CEO - Rise Academy and MentorMe

Here's the reality

Groups like this don’t work unless you’re paying for them.

  • It keeps you motivated to pay attention to your business.
  • You get access to invaluable support and answers.
  • You can talk to key experts that do top-level marketing and technical SEO, every day.
  • You get the networking component and content you couldn’t get elsewhere.

Your membership creates revenue that allows us to continue to work on offering excellent value to the Two Comma Skills Community. Including proprietary software that you can use to enhance your own business website.

Choose one of these options and you'll get sent to the application form. We're selective and there is a qualification process to ensure a high quality group.

JOIN TODAY, and your membership rate will stay the same, even if new members have to pay more!


  • Instant access to our private
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  • Expert guidance from professional marketers that are hands-on with current tactics
  • A reliable place to get help so you never feel alone
  • Bi-Weekly interactive training seminars with live Q&A
  • Our private Facebook™ group so you can watch live anywhere you are
  • Custom training videos that you can use to train new hires to do things right

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  • Instant access to our private
    Slack community upon application approval
  • Expert guidance from professional marketers that are hands-on with current tactics
  • A reliable place to get help so you never feel alone
  • Bi-Weekly interactive training seminars with live Q&A
  • Our private Facebook™ group so you can watch live anywhere you are
  • Custom training videos that you can use to train new hires to do things right

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You Get More Than Access When You Join Two Comma Skills

You Are Part Of An
Elite Community of Doers

You get access to inaccessible people, talent, and resources while avoiding all the distracting noise from Facebook and other social media platforms in a welcoming environment.

A large part of your success rests on the connections you have, and with this community you make the right connections with motivated, creative entrepreneurs and marketers that you can work with.

Viable Strategies
For Your Business

You'll be able to receive input from top marketers that simplify and produce high-return results. Nothing is held back here. You'll get information that is proven to work.

Members-Only Resources

Besides getting answers to your questions from top marketers, youll gain access to their tactics and strategies — information not shared anywhere else. There are dozens of materials for you to explore and learn from.


All information shared in this group is confidential and intended for member-use only. We're not here to judge you — we're here to help you propel your business forward.

Still, We Understand That Two Comma Skills
is NOT For Everyone

  • If you plan on being a spammy, no-value member who only wants to push their services, this isn't for you.
  • If you’re going to waste people’s time by taking their advice but not applying any of it, this isn't for you.
  • If you’re just trying to figure out how to make money online , this isn't for you.
  • If you don't already have an online or offline business, this isn't for you.

We have top marketers here that are willing to share and they will help you find the answers you need.

But this is not a “done-for-you” service.

We can help lead you to the answers, but you'll have to figure out what's best and apply them yourself.

This is about a valuable experience for all of us and everyone makes their contribution one way or another.


If you’re not a good fit right now but plan on getting serious about your business in the future — no hard feelings, we’ll talk to you then.

However, if you identify with the idea behind this community and you want to join the Two Comma Skills community, we can’t wait to get in touch with you!

Just remember: This is not a "get rich quick" scheme, and just like you have expectations of us, we have expectations of you.

I am a fit for Two Comma Skills.

If so, we are thrilled to have you here!

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  • Access our exclusive
    Slack community
  • Live Q&A
  • Resource archive

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  • Access our exclusive
    Slack community
  • Live Q&A
  • Resource archive

Get a 55.8% Discount
Quarterly payments of

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